Curious how 5G will affect your industry?

How will 5G change businesses?

With up to 100 times faster downloads, up to 1000 times more bandwidth and a significant reduction in delay in the connection between devices, the 4G successor enables completely new business models. Various companies are experimenting with 5G at various test locations in South Holland.

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"5G offers us more benefits than 4G"

Audus Technologies develops 5G software to improve the listening experiences of the hearing impaired around the world.

Developer Joshua Krosenbrink about the 5G testing facility at The Green Village: "We test our hearing software on various subjects. 5G offers us many more benefits than 4G. Because the information has to travel a shorter path, this shortens the latency. We are testing this at The Green Village at TU Delft. We are very happy that we can do this with the help of Do IoT Fieldlab and InnovationQuarter."

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